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At Virgo Kitchens we have experience to choose from the extensive range of electrical/gas appliance manufacturers to suit your every need. From state of the art with all the latest bells and whistles, right back to the simple functional models. Quality at affordable prices from, amongst others


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The Blanco product range provides possibly the best range of individual Design and choice of materials and colours.

Blanco have their most popular sink and tap packs available in three easy to see ranges, Eco-line, À la Carte and Undermount Collections, all with various accessories, tap upgrades and add-on cost effective waste management accessories.

Things to consider when selecting a sink

1. The size and shape of your Kitchen

2. How you intend to use your sink

3. The right mix of tap and sink

4. The right bowl configuration and draining area

5. Do you want hygienic waste disposal

6. Waste separation for re-cycling



STAINLESS STEEL is the classic sink material. (18/10 Chrome Nickel Steel) The grade is selected to provide reliability and to ensure that attractive appearance with the minimum of maintenance is retained year after year.

SILGRANIT® if you prefer a splash of colour. Up to ten colours available. Sigranit is a remarkable material manufactured from 80% natural granite minerals which are bonded by a high quality acrylic resin. This process creates a sink centre of surpassed hardness which is scratch and heat resistant to 280ºC. The non-porous surface is easy to clean, completely hygienic and approved for food contact. The sink will not fade in direct sunlight, providing a distinct feature that will add lasting appeal to any kitchen.

CERAMIC PuraPlus™ are fashioned in fine fireclay ceramic. The material is denser and heavier than traditional vitreous china made from clay. The finished sink is therefore more durable and hardwearing, providing a truly high quality finish.


tapsIn this diverse range, pull-out spray taps make life easier, water-saving filter taps make life greener, coloured taps co-ordinate with our SILGRANIT® sinks; a safety-feature tap has water which changes colour from cold to medium to hot as it flows – and a new generation of space-saving taps retract into the sink or worktop.




extractorsOur impressive choice of extraction possibilities ranges from discreet ceiling-mounted hoods to worktop-mounted models which retract into the worktop when not in use. The BLANCOAIR mid-market range combines great design and performance, whilst the flagship BLANCO by Gutmann hoods, with bespoke and standard options, are a fusion of engineering and art.




wasteRubbish isn't what it used to be! A waste disposal unit will fit 90% of our sinks and is by far a very hygienic method and our range of waste sorting systems includes a compost bin accessible from the sink, plus multi-box systems to fit beneath the sink or in a kitchen cabinet. Sink accessories include the safety glass cutting board, wooden chopping board, crockery baskets, drainer trays, colanders, plate stacks and waste disposers.