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How quickly will you start work after I place my order?

Once you have started to fit my new kitchen, bathroom or bedroom will your fitters work continuously until it is completed?

If I have ordered work in more than one room will this be carried out simultaneously?

Will I be left without water or cooking facilities?

How do you fit granite, Corian or other solid surface worktops neatly if there are irregularities in my walls?

I need other works, such as building, tiling and decorating, as part of my project. How can this be arranged?

I have heard that if I am having electrical work completed I now have to notify the local authority. Is this true?

I am concerned about having gas installations as these are obviously potentially dangerous if not fitted correctly. How do you ensure my safety where gas is involved?

What if I am out all day, how will the work be completed?

Will you dispose of all refuse, including appliances, even if I do not purchase the new appliances from you as part of my project?

What if I have a problem after installation is completed?

What are your payment terms?

Will I get a refund if there are surplus floor or wall tiles remaining at the end of the project?

Am I restricted to using the tile showrooms you recommend?

Will you fit appliances I have purchased elsewhere and will this affect the guarantee?

Can I specify any type of appliance, tap or accessory or am I restricted to those offered?

Are cabinets all standard sizes or can they be made to fit my room?

How many shelves will I get in my cabinets?

I am concerned that corner cabinets will be awkward to use, how do you deal with corners?

Will one of my kitchen drawers be fitted with a cutlery tray?

If I select pan drawers will the drawer box be as deep as the drawer front.?

Are carcase edges re-faced if I am having new doors fitted to existing cabinet carcases?

Can existing cabinet sides be colour matched to new fronts?

How are display cabinets and accessories etc colour matched to fronts?



A – We usually start between 6 and 7 weeks after order placement but this can vary and should be checked if timing is important to you. We only use our own team of fitters and we believe that it is better to ask you to wait a little longer in busy times than to use sub contractors whose quality is not known to us. If you have particular deadlines please advise us and we will make every effort to accommodate your schedule.

A – We always aim to finish work as quickly as possible after starting and work is usually continuous. However, depending on the task being undertaken, it is occasionally necessary to leave a gap in the working time. An example of this is where a screed is required prior to laying new flooring; the screed requires between 24 and 48 hours to cure completely and during this time it is not generally possible for work to continue. A letter, detailing the work being undertaken and the duration of that work for each major step of your project, is sent to you within two weeks of order placement. If you have any concerns about disruption or the time taken to complete the work please discuss your worries with us.

A – We try to plan the work so that disruption to you is minimised but we are always happy to try to accommodate any specific requirements you may have. Typically, if a bathroom and cloakroom were ordered together or two bedrooms were ordered together we would aim to complete one before starting the other, in this way some facilities are always available to you.

A – We always try to ensure that your water and cooking facilities are available to you at the end of each day. On larger jobs it is possible that you may be without a sink or cooking facilities for 2 – 3 days but where this is necessary we will ensure that you are warned in advance. If required, we are also able to loan you a microwave oven.

A – Worktops of this type are always manufactured from a template prepared on site. This ensures the best possible fit is obtained for your particular room.

A – We pride ourselves on being a “one stop shop” and we are able to provide any type of work or service that you may require as part of your overall project. Working in this way means that you do not have to manage the coordination of your project and you only have one company to deal with. We take full responsibility for all work undertaken and we are confident of the quality of the completed installation. The only thing we will ask of you is to visit one of the tile showrooms we deal with to choose your wall or floor tiles.

A – This is a complex issue and a separate explanatory leaflet is available if required but it is true that, since January 2005, all electrical work in dwellings has been subject to Part P of the building regulations. However, the good news is that we will take care of all notifications required and will ensure that any electrical work undertaken is fully compliant with the requirements of the regulations.

A – All of our gas installations are carried out by GAS SAFE registered fitters and are completed in accordance with all the requirements of current regulations.

A – We obviously need access to your premises but if you are unable to leave a key with a friend or neighbour we are happy to take a key from you and let ourselves in and out (this is a further benefit of only using our own fitters). We will of course ensure that your home is secured before we leave each day.

A - By law we are not allowed to dispose of refrigerators or freezers but we will remove all other items and all rubbish generated by the project. We can give you contacts and costs for the disposal of refrigerators and freezers but we cannot arrange it on your behalf. For larger projects it may be necessary to have a skip near your premises. Where this is a problem in your particular location please ensure that our designer is made aware so that we can make alternative arrangements.

A – Just call us. Virgo’s is an established business with an enviable reputation for customer service and we will not ignore any problems that you may have. Serious problems are very rare but if you are unhappy with any aspect of your project we will make every reasonable effort to ensure your complete satisfaction. We are proud to say that a large proportion of our business is generated by personal recommendations from happy customers.

A – We require 30% of the total goods value as a deposit with your order, and balance of goods value on delivery (when work commences), and installation on completion.

A – No. We make every effort to order tiles economically but it is not feasible to attempt to calculate every cut and joint. We are also restricted on some tiles by box quantities and minimum order quantities. Whenever there are surplus tiles at the end of the job they will be left with you (unless of course you would like us to dispose of them for you).

A – No. However, we are confident of the quality and delivery records of these companies and that is why we recommend them. We believe the range of tiles available at these outlets will satisfy most requirements but you are free to select elsewhere if you wish. Please note that our pricing is based on a standard tile type and some special or decorative tiles, such as decor or border tiles, may incur extra cost.

A – The honest answer is that we prefer not to fit appliances purchased elsewhere because our experience has shown that this can cause problems. When we supply appliances ourselves they are checked before delivery to you, we ensure all the parts are complete and we know that the appliance will fit correctly into your room. However, if it is really important to you, we will fit appliances purchased elsewhere and this should not affect your product guarantee. Please note that we may need you to obtain fitting details for us and we will not be responsible for any subsequent product problems which will need to be raised with your supplier. If you have a problem with an appliance that you have purchased from us, your first contact should be with the manufacturers service department but if you are not completely satisfied we will deal directly to resolve any issues that have arisen.

A – You may specify any product type that you wish. We supply products from companies with a good track record whose quality, delivery and service standards are known to us but we can easily supply products from most other manufacturers. If you have specific requirements please discuss them with our designer who will be happy to provide advice and guidance.

A – Cabinets do come in a range of standard sizes and these are utilised wherever possible as this is the most economic way of designing your project. However, within reason, cabinets can be produced to any special size or configuration required. Many projects have a combination of standard and special cabinets.

A - Standard base cabinets are supplied with one shelf. The number of shelves supplied with wall units varies with height; 570mm high units have one shelf but 720mm high and 900mm high units are supplied with two shelves. Special shelving arrangements can be supplied without difficulty, please discuss any requirements you have with our designer.

A – There is more than one solution to making the best use of corners and we suggest that you talk to our designer about your specific requirements so that they can guide you to the most appropriate design solution. Web link. A couple of examples

A – We do not fit cutlery trays as standard because customer’s have such diverse personal requirements. However, cutlery trays are available as a low cost accessory and can be supplied and fitted to any drawer specified.

A – Modern wide, weight bearing and full extension drawer boxes can be a better form of storage and access than a cupboard. The standard pan drawer box height is 140mm and this is usually fitted on all pan drawers, regardless of the height of the drawer front. The drawer back is taller and connected to the drawer front by side rails (deeper drawer boxes can be manufactured in melamine faced board if required); please discuss your requirements with us.

A – Facelifts - Cabinets can be re-faced to match new doors if required but this is not automatic, i.e. if this is something that you particularly want done please ensure that our designer is aware of your requirements and that it is written into the specification for your project.

A - Facelifts - Cabinet sides can usually have a matching finish applied. This is achievable quite easily with Vinyl and Wood finishes although any decorative units (wine racks, open units etc) would have to be replaced. For matching to painted finishes, usually a plant-on panel would have to be added. This can cause some issues with refacing/facelift work.

 A - Facelifts - Any open end shelf units, wine racks, plate racks and accessories etc would be replaced with new, in matching colour and finish.